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New Music| Kanye West “See Me Now” ft. Beyonce & Uncle Charlie Wilson!

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Kanye West JUST premiered this track he recorded last night on Angie Martinez. Produced by No.ID and Lex Luger!

As Kanye boasts on the track “We Back Baby! Im back!” … We can confirm, he is definitely back!

via KanyeUniversity

Beyonce recorded her vocals at 5am this morning.


*Full Hot97 Interview below*

Yeezy returned to Hot 97 for the first time this year and chopped it up with Angie Mar. In the first segment, he spoke on joining Twitter and his internship at Fendi. He also kept his word and dropped off new material. Keep it locked.

Part 2: Debuts “See Me Now” Ft. Beyoncé and Charlie Wilson.

Part 3: Post game reaction.

Part 4: Yeezy says Nicki Minaj has the potential to be second biggest rapper of all time…of all time! He also confirms she’ll be on his new album. He also speaks on the pressure of being labeled a genius.

Part 5: More Twitter talk, dating Amber Rose, and creating “See Me Now”. Album drops November 16.

Part 6: Reveals “Power (Remix)” with Jay-Z drops this Friday.

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  1. Kanye West’s first career productions came on Chicago rapper Grav’s 1996 debut album Down to Earth. *.,

  2. you can always say that Kanye West is a good singer but he will never be as good as michael jackson ‘..

  3. Rung says:

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